Friday 26 January 2018

A flock of seagulls is coming

A flock of seagulls is coming

A flock of seagulls is coming
Over the sea, the waves were moving a litle.
Approaching in a huge noise
The wing of their wings in the breeze.
And the sea faces are turbulent waves
Moving with the wind in all directions.
Moving to the beach wall after wall
Spilling blue on the yellow sand.
Piling a little sand from side to side
And return to the sea for the next cycle.
And there are light clouds in the sky
As a carpet background for the next seagulls.
And the sky is painted yellow
On the other hand, yellow gold is golden.
A normal summer day on the beach.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

proofreading because many mistakes

The article: "God is very good" goes through proofreading and is therefore not currently displayed

Friday 19 January 2018

Just a painted bottle

Just a painted bottle

Just a painted bottle
Exercise in water colors.
Maybe there was wine in it
And maybe there's water in it.
Painted with two brushes
Fine water colors.
Against the blue background of a table
And the sky is blue and yellow.
And a little red over it
And a black stain of shadow.
And the bottle is greenish yellow
With liquid that looked blue.
It's just an exercise
Exercise in water colors.


first proofreading of "God is very good"


The first proofreading of the file "God is very good" was made and many errors were found and corrected.

 I'm starting a second proofreading  now.

White Rhino

Tuesday 2 January 2018

The dog wore a hat

The dog wore a hat

The dog wore a hat
And stood on both legs.
It wanted to feel like a master
As a master for one day.

A yellow hat on his head
And a bright green tie.
It looked at himself in the mirror
And said I am a Lord.
Master for  One day.