Sunday 31 October 2021

Light is body

Light is a body

A. Because you feel it and see it. For example, you see the stars

B. It has a shape. For example, the shadow until dark in a lunar eclipse or solar eclipse.

And also in the wavy nature of light and also in the particle nature of light.

C. And even if light fills all infinite space it is a body. Infinite body in size

That is, both in scientific language and in everyday language daylight is a body


Body definition

Every object, which we perceive with the aid of our senses, is called in the nature sciences by the name: body, meaning of

The word "body" is, therefore, much broader in science than in everyday life. For example: log,

Glass, ruler are bodies, and even the milk in the glass and the air in the room.

מתוך פיסיקה חוג ראשון א. כוחות, נוזלים, גזים, חום 

ד"ר מ לינדמן 

י. ליפשיץ  .M.Ph

הוצאת אחיאסף בע"ם . תל אביב 1985

עמוד 9


Friday 29 October 2021

I am currently correcting the article "God is very good"

 I am currently correcting the article "God is very good" minor corrections and especially adding Appendix C where will be listed a number of my criations that are of interest



When I walk I want to hear music

And be careful on my way - just a safe route

Walking is said to be good for body and mind

And I hope it will benefit me

And meanwhile  I am walking too slowly

But a day will come and I will win

And the wicked will be arested and punished

And strange cases occur

I'm right inside a magician's hat

So is the wicked




Monday 25 October 2021

Winter rains

 Winter rains

The rainy season begins in about two weeks

And I hope for rainy blessings

Really want to have rains in time

Despite the climate crisis

And knows that in recent years

The rainy days are concentrated and isolated

And the plants are crying out for rain

And also the animals of the land

And we humans too

And I pray to you the blessed God

Please help humans

Solve the climate crisis

So that women, children and men do not die

And also the animals of the land and plants.


Saturday 16 October 2021

I have not yet finished updating the article God is very good

I have not yet finished updating the article God is very good.

There are a few more things to add 

Thursday 14 October 2021



I love you Jerusalem

The beautiful stone houses

Blooming flowers in Jerusalem

And so are the people

And one day there will be peace in Jerusalem

And we will all be happy and thankful

To the good and benevolent God

That assistantto his  depressed people  


Friday 8 October 2021

In my country

 In my country

In my country light and shadows

My country is terribly beautiful

And I'm happy with all the good

And repels from me all darkness

In my country the flowers are blooming

In my country the clouds are dancing

And I water the cacti on the porch

  Everyone gets theirs

And birds come from all corners of the garden

Carrying straw and leaves in their mouths

They will soon establish a nest. Amen

Growing chicks will grow to glory