Tuesday 31 March 2020



Flying Bird
Crumb in the beak
Beauty that never goes away

A smiling baby
Face without fear
Will grow into a flowering child

A flower blooms in spring
  Joy in all nature
  Beauty and blessing

barking dog
Anger between his eyes
Uninvited guest


A small firefly
  big light
A blooming flower
  Great joy
I love you
  My love for years

Sunday 29 March 2020

I want to rejoice

I want to rejoice

Yes I am closed at home
Fulfill the plague war provisions
But I want to rejoice
Being closed is not good
So I'm talking on the phone
So I look at the computer
  Maintains social connection
  Physical distance connection
But in emotional closeness
  The relatives all call
And email is also used
And I'm waiting for miracles
And hope they will come

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Sad, Corona

Sad, Corona

I'm not in the mood to write songs

The country is almost paralyzed

People barely talk to each other

And maintain physical remoteness

Closed at home with the elderly father

He is in no mood to speak

An epidemic is going around the country

Many of the dead are gone

And I hope for days that are good

And I know they will come


Thursday 19 March 2020

The flowers of the garden

The flowers of the garden

God loves to water the garden plants
God loves preschoolers
It's raining down from the sky
And I know he loves them all
Old and crippled and baby and adult
So I hope he finds a way
 To Stop the   hard plague on us
Beating anyone whose   strength is weak more intensely
And I'm very pessimistic
But  I am  hope

Sunday 15 March 2020

About creams and high-tech

About creams and high-tech

The price of a gold crown for teeth and its structure is about 3000 shekels
 The cream for the hands costs about 50 shekels and so do the creams for feet and face
They are enough for about NIS 2000 a year
  ordinary crown and structure either,no holists are expensive let's say they cost 2000 shekels
It is more useful to do holistic and biological dental care where there are no skin problems and the skin looks 20 years younger. In addition, since there are no skin problems, the gut flora is also better. And I think that's why health is better.
 So maybe biological and holistic dental care will allow high-tech workers to work up to age 55 or 60 rather than 45 like today.
For this reason, I believe that holistic or biological dental treatment is more lucrative.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Curls of gold

Curls of gold

The golden curls on your head
  Lying on my shoulders
  Your warm hand is on my waist
And we're both together
  Happy from the heart
And I tell you, my wife, words of love
And you answer me with great joy
And we're both together
Forever and ever together

Wednesday 4 March 2020

How to Cure Belief Disorders and Keeping idolatry Out

How to Cure Belief Disorders and Keeping idolatry Out

Fifty percent of the population in Israel suffers from minor belief disorders (mild paranoia)
And that's why they believe in nonsense. Like KABALA and idolatry The way to cure these disorders is this:

Biological dentistry in which there are no toxic metals like copper and mercury arsenic lead and more and no fungi (candida) and flora
Of the intestines more healthy - these things cause mental illness and paranoia (beliefs In nonsense). Along with dentistry
Biologically, dental health must be maintained by proper nutrition - failure to eat sugar and foods that stick to teeth, for example.
Holistic dentistry also helps in some cases - depending on what the dentist does.
In the old  centuries these harmful metals were in the water system and cooking pots

Non-drug use is also as easy as marijuana and cannabis. A person can consume drugs once  in his life and already suffer from disorders Faith (paranoia)
And much worse illnesses like schizophrenia.

Saving psychological techniques as guided imagery and self-hypnosis and shypnosis only for difficult medical cases and supervised by a therapist certified. These techniques sometimes cause mental problems such as paranoia and psychosis.
And I also think techniques like yoga meditation and  fleet relaxation and what the rotating dervishes do cause disturbances of belief
Ease in some patients. And in this framework, too, in my opinion, fast bowing movements should be kept away from prayer and study.
The main problem with yoga and Tao Chi is the shrinking of breath and movement, which is similar to hypnosis
Correcting religion so as not to include strange beliefs and abnormal commandments. And Abnormal Prayer These things cause disbelief in believers.
And they get sick. A person who believes that the Shekinah is part of God as God is supposed to be bisexual is sexually deviant
And crazy

A normal thought about God the angels and the Shechinah and the staying of the soul as I wrote in the book of God is very good.

Pesticides also have sprays in agriculture and genetic engineering in agriculture and must be switched to real organic farming.

People who have been severely traumatized are easy prey for the wicked who try to pass them on to teach them crazy and crazy religious material
They also tend to consume drugs  like marijuana and cannabis which causes them belief disorders.

It is impossible to remove the idolatry from Israel without curing beliefs disorder (paranoia) and even mild ones
And about fifty percent of the population suffers from paranoia including rabbis and rabbis students


My maiden

My maiden

I draw you girl
In light of our lost childhood
I draw you   maiden
In memory of   our withered young years
In old age, we will   bloom
It's a real divine promise
We will really be together
  Happily in glad and dancing