Tuesday 29 December 2020

You are my love

 You are my love

My love among the roses

You are my beloved among the Thorns

Many of the wicked of Israel stabbed us

Many of the wicked Gentiles stabbed us

The murderous madness ran among the wicked

And we did not commit crimes

We are righteous

And God helps us and works miracles

Thanks to our righteous ancestors

Sees crime and is not silent

And works with us for better days

Me and you will change the world

That's how God sang to me

For a good and even very good world

How much I hope to see him in my eyes

Enjoy the garden in the paradise of below

And it is the Land of Israel

See the end of human wickedness


Wednesday 23 December 2020



It is raining in Jerusalem

Blessing from heaven

And I'm a little boy

  Ran between the puddles

  Water below Water above

Full of growing grass with dew

And birds chirping between the drops

Full of food for every animal

For goats and camels and sheep

And for us the people


Sunday 13 December 2020



I'm angry again

I do not know about whom

But  I am angry again

The anger will pass. I know

But I hope without damage

So I write a song

And vent the anger

Maybe it's going through faster.



It is very important to me not to lose memory again.

I am like a broken vessel without memory

Patient without treatment option

Without identity

such  a dead twin brother of my own

God please keep me from losing my memory again


Friday 11 December 2020



I'm sad lately

Maybe because of the bleeding polyps in part

Maybe because of cirrhosis of the liver

Maybe because of the anemia

Maybe because of diabetes

Maybe because of the buzzing in the ears

Maybe because of everything

I feel my days are numbered

And I do not have enough hope

And the angel of God strengthens my spirit: live live

You will live

And my soul hopes but I'm sad

I want to be happy

How happy I want to be


Tuesday 8 December 2020

I want to sing

 I want to sing

I want to sing today

But the words are gone from my mouth

I want to dance today

But my legs failed

I want to be happy today

But I'm before medical surgery

So I make my heart stronger

And sings and dances and rejoices

And joy came to my soul

And the sadness was forgotten and gone


Thursday 3 December 2020



The fire eats me

Like a no mercy rebirth

Only the rain is falling

  Extinguish the fire for a while

For a good warm coals

And that's how I live

from day to day

  From night to night