Monday 29 June 2020

Veganism as a way of life

Veganism as a way of life

I am slowly getting used to it
Getting used to being a vegan
The sugar goes down. Diabetes is more balanced
The Weight goes down. But I am still very much in excess
Health is improving.
  The mood is better
I better control my anger
  But still shaken
  About the bullying
That I be abused in my childhood and infancy and in the past
  I'm done saying to improve my behavior
Morality only starts at the plate in what you eat
  The soul that guides the human being must be educated
I'm better personally
  I'm done saying to be good and I'm good.
Thank you God.

Thursday 25 June 2020

home inspection

 home inspection

The Dental Care Affair,
 Mainly the amalgam and the root treatments,
Proves that a home inspection should be done,
Checked home in the medical system.
And don't wait for the hassle!
Watch your teeth.
There is no reason in the world
Visit a dentist.
Enough to eat healthy food.
Enough to brush your teeth.
And if you're worried - go to the dental hygienist.
Dentistry is unnecessary medicine
Resulting from poor nutrition
And its health implications are many.
Not for lead. Not to arsen. Neither mercury nor cadmium
Not for copper. Not for palladium. Not for nickel or aluminum.
Not tin. Neither antinomian nor gold nor platinum.
Many of the metals have been tried and used
And the body responds badly and the mind too.
Eat healthy food. You and your child!
These are the steps to make dentistry unnecessary
To the rarity of human society.

Thank you God

Thank you God

I love you God

Thank you for everything you do

Whoever sent an angel to help during my illness

There are countless little miracles you have done

Until I realize You help me

And still I wait to recover

That's the great miracle

And reach heaven 

To live there with all the righteous

And see Mum on her peace

And The rest of my family

And get out of the great shame

Which brought me sickness

Thank you God

Thank you the Shekinah

Thank you angels 

Thank you good men and women

Helping me so much


Monday 22 June 2020



Peace must be reached with the Palestinians
And not to kill, murder or banish them.
The name of God according to the sages is peace
And peace with the Palestinians will greatly strengthen the people of Israel
And I call on the Palestinians again to make peace with Israel
And I call on Israel again to make peace with the Palestinians
Brother people we are Jews and Palestinians
  Let we will make peace.

Saturday 20 June 2020

Temporary flexibility

Temporary flexibility

I can't seem to be vegan right now
I don't control my anger manifestations well enough
I am not good enough in my eyes personally
And I try but fail
I will succeed in the future
I'm sure
And I'm dealing with these issues
I will succeed in the future. I'm sure

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Happy Day

Happy day

Tonight I feel happy
For a long time I did not feel happy in the evening
But tonight I'm happy
And I remember you my wife
  One day we will meet in heaven
And I want to see my children
They are a souvenir to you
The black hair you had and your braid and face I saw in my dream
I'll never forget
Everything is kept in memory
  Nothing is gone
And the blanks will fill my relatives in heaven 
Happy day to me today
Hadas and Rosemary I brought you  as a gift
  Gift from your loving husband.

Sunday 14 June 2020

I have a good day

 I Have a good day

The mood is good

The playing flows

And I'm a vegan

And hope I succeed

And I came to the conclusion

That there is no life forever on earth

Because the plants change

The environment is changing

Every animal changes itself

For generations

In the future, we'll just live like the tree life

And that thought comforts me

I want to get to heaven 

And meanwhile, I play and paint and write songs

For the pleasure and enjoyment of the readers.

Here you have one my dear readers.


Monday 8 June 2020

A day-to-day act

A day-to-day act

The sadness in the evening passed

And I thank God

The days pass

And I hope I get rid of the skin problems

In   six months

I did dental treatment six months ago

And now the fungus and dryness of the skin are beginning to pass

And I'm afraid they'll hurt me

Big fear 

I have suffered a lot in my life

This is where the fear comes from

And I hope to recover from the physical part of the disease already

And there is another psychological treatment of trauma

That's what I'm working on now

A healthy mind in a healthy body is a blessing.

I love you God.


Tuesday 2 June 2020

Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

  In the morning I'm happy
In the evening I'm a little sad
And need a lot to talk about
  With relatives and friends
Speech brings out the sadness
Heals my soul fatigue
And then I sleep
Dreaming of a sweet dreams
Towards a new morning