Tuesday 30 March 2021

Sweet dreams

 Sweet dreams

I want to dream

Just sweet dreams

About being healthy. About a woman. On children

And the woman is my wife and the children is my children and the dreams is my dreams

Who will give and these will become a reality

Oh. Good God


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Freedom Holiday

 Freedom Holiday

Liberty to me. Liberty to you  Liberty  for the whole family

Freedom in the heart. Freedom in the soul

Happy Holidays to you .My dear readers 24.3.21

Saturday 20 March 2021

The holiday of the freedom of animals

 The holiday of the freedom of animals

I want the Feast of Liberty to be the Feast of Liberty for animals as well

Very big is my desire to be  a vegan

Only I'm not successful right now

And I'm just a vegetarian

Still I hope to be a vegan

And calls on anyone who can to  be a vegan

The animals I paint with pleasure

They are like little children

They also deserve freedom

And now before Freedom Day I will try to be vegan again


Thursday 18 March 2021

Songs barely


Songs barely

Sometimes it's hard for me to write songs

And now it's such a time

So I try to write

And now I want to write about happiness

I just want to be happy

And now I want to write about courage

I just do not want to be afraid

And now I want to write about love

And here I am reminded of my wife

And My beloved children


Som /21

Sunday 14 March 2021

I am not happy with my diet

 I am not happy with my diet

I am not happy with my diet

I dream of being hypnotized to eat fish once a week

And I want to be a vegetarian

And even vegan

I know I'll get over it soon

And I am correcting my diet

Want to feel better

I hallucinate that the fish are full of stinking ants

I will get over it soon

And I will be a vegetarian and in the future vegan


Friday 12 March 2021




A lot of injuries I got

And it's hard for me to recover

The disturbances have almost passed

But I lost the full confidence in humans

I feel the world is not safe

There are bad people

Bad people should be punished

God loves me

I trust him


Friday 5 March 2021

Freedom Day

 Freedom Day

Freedom Day is approaching

We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt

And since then it has been decided on Freedomt

There will be no slave  

And took several thousand years

And freedom is in the public domain

Many hardships with us

Genocide. Wars. exile

And a day will come and these will not be either

Freedom is also their end.