Friday 23 July 2021

The beautiful life

 The beautiful life

Life is beautiful

Keep them happy

Hear the creatures sing  

Take a walk and breathe the fresh air

  Help your relatives and your poor people

And you will have a happy heart


Sunday 11 July 2021

the beautiful world

 The beautiful world

The world is beautiful and I am happy

Nature blooms in spring

  Global warming is ruining summer

But in the spring everything blooms

And people are happy  and me too

  Joy is a precious thing

  It must be kept on guard

  Like on our planet


Wednesday 7 July 2021

Respect for the prophets

 Respect for the prophets

Moses was in my opinion a philosopher and not a prophet but after him there were prophets who kept and fought for good morals and good laws and faith in one God. Their mistake was to write that they were saying the words of God and were not like Moses only philosophers. Rabbi Yehuda the President corrected this mistake

(It is not in heaven) and since then the religion of Israel has been a philosophical religion. I believe there are no true prophets.

But in the very distant future that humans will be good and there will be no wars and no meat eating

God or his angels will speak to humans.

And yet the foundation of faith in one good God and the desire for good laws and good morals is in the people of Israel and in Moses and the prophets and for that I respect them.