Friday 26 February 2021



   The almond tree male blossom

  The almond  tree female blossom

Gave birth to offspring. four

And the voice of their children as the voice of the birds

Nestled among the branches of the trees

And I love my wife too

mother of  my children. How great I love

  A lot of internal work needs to be done

And one day I will be with my wife

Happy day Dance day

  come dancing she told me in secret

And I dance and she dances

Dancing in a couple under the azure sky


Wednesday 24 February 2021



My writing hurts

My soul aches too

Also in the body

Sometimes my soul wants to run away

The pain is very great

And only God strengthens me

Good days will come.


Wednesday 17 February 2021



  A little sad for me

And I'm a little scared

But I'm optimistic

everything will be alright

Poetry fills my heart

And painting my mind

And last night I played the flute

Too bad the buzzing in the ears still hits

I'm trying to get over it

And it's a little weaker

When I will overcome all the effects of hypnosis I will heal

And for this moment I am waiting with the help of God


Wednesday 10 February 2021

When I Create

  when I create

When I draw I describe my world

When I write I describe my world

When I play the flute I cause happiness in all over my world

And the piece is never accurate and always depicts something from your world

Describes and corrects


Tuesday 9 February 2021

happy song

 happy song

The social worker asked me

 To Write happy songs

But today I'm not happy

I'm not sad

But definitely not happy

So I will mention in a song about a snail after rain

Who sees the light of the sun

And happy in his heart

Happy Snail Day

Happy day to me too

Happy day to the sparrows chirping on the porch

Among the beautiful cacti

Spring will soon begin

And the cacti will bloom

And Louisa and Naana will bloom

Happy day to me too


Wednesday 3 February 2021



I love you

You love me

Together we will celebrate Purim

Happy holiday Purim

We will eat delicious food

We will wear masks

We will make the children happy

In singing and dancing