Thursday 25 November 2021

Good days will come

Good days will come

Good days will come. I'm just sure

God loves me. I'm just sure

I will draw beautifully. I'm just sure

I will sculpt beautiful sculptures for decoration. I'm just sure

And I will write good songs. I'm just sure

This is how it is in a world where there is God's providence


Thursday 18 November 2021

Rains in time

Rains in time

The tree grows

Wants  water

And it's raining

From the clouds of the rains

And the dog happily barks

And the  man is dancing

He Thanks God

On rains and water


Saturday 6 November 2021

The article "God is Very Good" has been updated

The article "God is Very Good" has been updated.

It can be found in both PDF files and a blog 

Thursday 4 November 2021

Nature in the city

Nature in the city

Squirrels in the forest

Squirrels on the city trees

My heart rejoices with immense joy

And in the town square a bunch of pigeons

Getting seeds from a smiling old woman

And a little boy looks and looks

Takes out half a small slice of bread

And the sparrows, the members of the doves, come

Eat for appetite between the cracks  

And the squirrels look and crack nuts

And I look and look with pleasure

What a beautiful day in the big city