Sunday 31 March 2019

Why is peace is so important

Why is peace is so important?

We humans are different from each other
Religion, faith, color and shape.
And even intelligence, wisdom, and cleverness
And we must know that we must not spill blood
We must not fight for the things that distinguish us.
The import of time and cleverness, wisdom and  cleverness will be very common in the country
All humans will share them
And together with a good heart will be a good faith
Until then, it is forbidden to fight
Peace must be guarded
These are only the birth pain of man.
Peace is the main thing.

Sunday 24 March 2019

Similar but different

Similar but different - thoughts

People are similar but different
Each perceives God's greatness as best he can:
One atheist.
One admires stars and zodiac signs.
One believes in God with all his heart.
And one imagines that God is man
But everyone should be treated with love.
And to wish peace to all.
The main thing is the good deeds
The main thing is peace between people.
The day will come and all men will perceive the greatness of God true.
They'll be smarter. They'll be better
And they will be lovers of peace more.
The man is advancing with evolution.
And God educates and develops it as well.
Everything is expected before God and it is a guide to the future of man
  And the day will come when everyone will choose the good ..

Sunday 17 March 2019

Be good

 Be good

I know only one natural commandment
Be good
And only I decide what is good and what is bad
And I am careful not to go crazy
And learns from every man and beast and animal
Yes there are several things
Animals and beast are better than humans.
And  from the command to be good
  All the commandments are comming
That I accept.
And everything has to stand the test of reality.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

my exhibition at the Israel Museun

You are invited to my exhibition at the Israel Museum together with the painting group in the lobby of the Youth Wing
The exhibition will be open for about two months

Sunday 10 March 2019



A dry tree looking out of my window
Stem trunk, dry leaves
And I pray for it
And so does every passerby.
And like trees also people
Do not be afraid to pray for others.
One day they prayed for you too
And you'll just say thank you.

Tuesday 5 March 2019



What was I put in the suitcase?
Apple and orange
Book of Songs
And dreams ...
Who has no dreams!