Friday 28 January 2022

True Love

True Love

I love you my wife

You love me

Storms will not extinguish the fire of love

Our children will grew up in love

We will win and live in the end times

 At  the Man will be good

And so is every wild animal

And there will be no more wars and plagues

And we all thank God

And to his good and righteous angels


Drawing of a Dog


Thursday 13 January 2022

Horse in the forest

 Horse in the forest

A horse in the woods - what a beauty

Not alone but with a herd

He went out for a moment to rest for a while

Among the green foliage trees

And I look and look

How beautiful nature is now

And sun shines among the clouds

That they are seen and not seen


Thursday 6 January 2022

What existed before the Big Bang? Link to an article in the BBC

My opinion is that we should not discuss at all in  the occurrences between what existed before the big bang and the big bang in a physically even qualitative way and certainly not in a mathematical way because it is dangerous to humanity. As I did not discuss in  the article "God is very good " how the first living cell was formed. Because it's dangerous to humanity.

White Rhino