Wednesday 28 March 2018

Astrology has no interest

 Astrology has no interest

 Astrology has no interest
Just mind confusion and mess.
The stars are made of stone
And stone and dust will not determine fate.
And that a satellite in the sky
Will suddenly become a saint.
And a stone they brought from the moon
Are you  bowed to it .to it face.
It is neither alive nor speaking
And does not think or know,
And how it will be determined  fate for every living thing.

Friday 23 March 2018



The field is almost dry
Only the purple thorns at the end of the lot
And here and there a yellow flower.
It's very hot in summer
The trees deepen their roots
Suck the soil moisture.
But every flower rejoices the heart
The heart rejoices in its beauty.
And the field bee workes
 collects nectar and pollen
Among the few field flowers.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

The sorcerer that eats man

The sorcerer that eats man

The sorcerer  that eats man
gives delicious candy
Behind them, Panic and fear
Beware children 

The sorcerer  that eats man
He's is  a very bad man
 He Loves very much to eat
Nice little children.

And so he stands in the main square
With a bright face and a very soft tongue
And gives to all the children
Colorful and tasty candies.

And do not give him back the candy
Only ran away and threw them
Otherwise he would be very angry
And he would immediately start devouring.


Saturday 17 March 2018

The most beautiful doll In the kinder garden

The most beautiful doll in the kinder garden Inspired by Jonathan Geffen

My doll
She is the most beautiful doll in the kinder garden.
Her dress is green
She had a brown hair
And the ribbon in her hair is red.
She stretches out her hands
She moves her legs
And smiles a wonderful smile.
I play with a doll
As if she were a child
Combing and cleaning her
Dressing and wears shoes to her
And does not forget to  feed her.
How fun I have her
You are the most beautiful doll
The most beautiful in the kinder  garden.


I have a hope

I have a hope

I have a hope
I have a wish
That My God say in his heart:
"I am God and I have found a cure for your sickness
And I will heal you. "
And then it will not be long before I get better
And the days of joy will return to my life
I'll be a whole person again
And I will  thank God with all my heart.


Wednesday 14 March 2018

Still life in color

Still life in colors

Jars, glass and  finnganes
On The tablecloth are laid out.
Create beautiful compositions
In all kinds of Musical ensembles
And I  move them
Studying in all kinds of angles,
Think about the direction of light
And finally photographs and paints,
In Beautiful colors and brushes
On the white canvas.
And asks a simple question
Is this beauty
Will   seen by the viewer?

Sunday 11 March 2018

One plump rabbit

One plump rabbit

One plump rabbit,
Its color was white.
It sat in a large garden
And pondered between cabbage and carrots
About such a beautiful world.

Look at the flowers
Red, blue, and yellow
With green leaves
And said very loudly:
What a beautiful world.

And forget the wolf
And forget about the fox
Of all the troubles of the world
Like the neighbor's dog.
Just  it gnawed for a whole day
Lettuce, radish and carrots
 And get a little fat from its  pleased
It hiccuped, yawned,and sing

But in the evening it run away
Just like a rabbit-
Because the wolf did not forget it


Wednesday 7 March 2018



Fall, autumn day
My Legs go on the usual trip
And the clouds of heaven cover like a carpet
The sun's rays are a bit warm.
The wind is light and gentle cold
On a vigorous excursion it's pretty nice.
And a yellow flower is a flower of  the wild
Gives a flower on the edge of the square.
A paved square full of stairs
I walk on them vigorously.
And the big tree near the corner
Still green, but already  chage its coler.
And next to the big garbage cans
Carefully pecking two birds.
They're afraid of the cats
The half-wild street cats.
And that I was returning home
And passes close to the big garden.
The big garden between the houses
The roses there bloom in wonderful colors.
Some autumn flowers and some green grass
Towards the coming winter.


Sunday 4 March 2018

A nice jigsaw puzzle of a little rabbit

A nice jigsaw puzzle of a little rabbit

A nice jigsaw puzzle of a little rabbit
Spattered on the floor
And a little boy, of course it's me
Composed it with patience and great anticipation.
The head is ready and the hands are ready
And even part of body and legs
And you see a rabbit, a nice rabbit
Standing dancing energetically
In a green field and a blue sky
Between flowers and weeds.
And part by part is connected to the puzzle
A very nice picture
And I am happy and smile
Because the puzzle I solved with great patience.